As the purchaser of many high-profile real estate assets, Compass Capital, LLC has a well-earned reputation for quality and performance. Leveraging the capital resources of its principals and investors, Compass Capital, LLC has purchased, renovated, and developed premier office, and retail projects in many South East United Sates markets.

In most cases, the buildings have been in some state of distress when they were acquired. In each case, we added value to the property by renovating, refurbishing, redeveloping, and repositioning the assets, stabilizing and increasing occupancy and achievable rent, and professionally managing the day-to-day operation of the building.

Value Add

Our proven strategy is to purchase Class A assets or under-performing assets at prices below replacement cost where we can utilize our development and operating expertise to add value. We seek to renovate and upgrade building facilities and systems, increase tenant occupancy and rental rates, 
provide property management and leasing services, 
and divest or hold these assets.

Prepare and monitor an annual strategic performance plan that identifies short- and long-term asset objectives, focusing on market conditions, projected rents, and capital requirements.

Prepare annual tactical plans that include detailed projections for leasing, operating expenses, and capital improvements, as well as providing quarterly reports on achievement.

Oversee marketing, leasing, and capital expenditures as detailed in the annual strategic performance plan. 

Try to spread lease expirations, and establish a strong rent roll with credit tenants, while avoiding a concentration of tenants in any single economic sector.

Conduct on-site inspections and tenant surveys, and maintain contact with other market participants to determine an asset’s competitive position in the market.


Compass Capital, LLC contracts leasing professionals who work closely with acquisition, property management, and administrative professionals to ensure that an investment’s objectives can be met and/or exceeded. Utilizing extensive experience Compass Capital, LLC develops strategies that truly enhance property value by maximizing lease rate, and at the same time reducing the cost of operations. The company’s proactive approach has yielded significant financial returns– including reduced operating expenses, cost controls in flexibility and responsiveness, optimization and increased profits, resulting in greater returns to investors.

Compass Capital, LLC understands the importance of tenant retention, and enthusiastically markets the property to prospective tenants using a variety of traditional and non-traditional marketing strategies. Tenant retention ratio has generally exceeded the industry average for the buildings purchased with existing tenants.

One of the ways in which we retain tenants is the use of surveys, to better understand what tenants like and want to see in their buildings. Tenants can contact the company directly and process specific service requests and property management holds tenant appreciation events regularly.


When the time is optimum to sell an asset, Compass Capital, LLC prepares comprehensive investment offering packages, identifies the spectrum of prospective purchasers, and seeks to negotiate the most advantageous deal for our investors. 

Whether the transaction involves an all-cash sale or a complicated financial structure with conventional, securitized, participating, or convertible debt, Compass Capital, LLC professionals have the relevant experience. Compass Capital, LLC accesses third–party purchasers both directly and through participating brokerages.

Compass Capital LLC BBB Business Review