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Compass Capital, LLC is a full-service real estate investment, management, and development company.

Our proven strategy is to purchase Class A assets or under-performing assets at prices below replacement cost where we can utilize our development and operating expertise to add value. We seek to renovate and upgrade building facilities and systems, increase tenant occupancy and rental rates, provide property management and leasing services, and divest or hold these assets.

Since 1997, our broad market knowledge, ability to recognize the right opportunities, financial wherewithal and expertise and years of experience make us experts at managing real estate development risk.

Our team is seasoned at every phase of a real estate development project – site selection and acquisition, zoning and entitlement, environmental due diligence and remediation, development, financing, leasing, construction, and asset management.

Most importantly, we understand how each phase can ultimately impact the success of a project and maximize our returns.

Compass Capital
Historical Performance

Property Cost Improvement Valuation
Park Hills Cost $8.4M Improvement $0.5M Valuation $10+M
Freys Hill Cost $13.1M Improvement $0 Valuation $14M
Bellerive Plaza Cost $4.5M Improvement $.05M Valuation $8.4M
Village of Audubon Cost $3.26M Improvement $0 Valuation $3.5M
Valley Commons Kroger Retail Cost $2.0M Improvement $0 Valuation $3M
South Elkhorn Village Cost $7.2M Improvement $.05M Valuation $10M
Regency Road Business Park Cost $1.7M Improvement $0.3M Valuation $2.4M**
University Shopping Center Cost $9.1M Improvement $1.3M Valuation $14M
Colby Station Shopping Center Cost $2.1M Improvement $1.7M Valuation $5.9M
Tampa Palms Shopping Shopping Center Cost $4.1M Improvement $1.2M Valuation $8.0M**
Lexington Green Shopping Center* Cost $8.0M Improvement $2.0M Valuation $20.0M
Kincaid Towers Office Tower Cost $18.0M Improvement $9.0M Valuation $46.0M
Executive Place Office Bldg Cost $2.8M Improvement $1.0M Valuation $4.6M**
Meadowthorpe Shopping Center Cost $4.0M Improvement $1.7M Valuation $8.4M**

*In Partnership **Actual Sales Price of the Property


Compass Capital’s investment approach is based upon senior management’s collective experience of acquiring, developing, owning and operating real estate assets. Our “hands-on” experience and owner/operator perspective provide the foundation for an investment strategy that has been tested through the highs and lows of multiple real estate cycles.

This in-house expertise supports nimble and swift transaction execution, which provides Compass Capital with a competitive advantage over institutions and more financially oriented investors. Compass Capital’s management team possesses an entrepreneurial spirit and a broad understanding of how to maximize value in real estate and make insightful judgments about market dynamics.

We seek opportunities to purchase both stabilized and seemingly troubled, high vacancy properties. We pursue stabilized properties that we believe are Class A with high probability of rent growth. We also pursue seemingly troubled, high vacancy properties that offer significant upside through aggressive leasing/management, repositioning, conversion to alternative use, or complete redevelopment.

The ability to apply a disciplined approach to real estate differentiates Compass Capital as witnessed by the show of restraint during the recent overheated commercial market period.

Value Add

Redevelopment is often the best cure for underperforming real estate assets and can provide several advantages to the owner, the tenants and community. Through redevelopment, an owner can provide renewed energy to a shopping center. That revitalization can attract new tenants and provide leasing agents with a new and beautified property to lease. With that comes the ability to attract quality national and local tenants that other retailers want to locate near. The process goes full circle. Redevelopment is often considered a safer alternative to new development. As opposed to moving into uncharted territory with an untested product type a developer knows the market and understands the potential for what could be successful.


Purchasing a property that is in the right location is the first step in a successful redevelopment project. This requires unwavering attention to detail and extensive knowledge of real estate markets gained through experience and due diligence.

Purchase Value:

Good redevelopment projects are purchased under replacement value with recognized potential and turned into a good long-term investment. The return on investment is most often higher with redevelopment than on new development and the construction can usually be completed faster than new development.

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